Meghan Markle's Nose Vs. Kylie Jenner Lips: The Europe vs. U.S. Plastic Surgery Trend

by Dr. Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S.

May 14, 2018, 5 p.m.

Europe lives in fear of some of hollywood's plastic surgery & "filler" idols; but what do both have in common. Kassir Plastic Surgery frequently recieves request's for a nose "like megan markle"; one that can be created both surgically and through a non-surgical nose job. Just like patients in Europe, Megan Markle's nose is the next big thing. We get it; she's a gorgeous actress, humanitarian, and soon-to-be princess. Instagram's own princess and mom Kylie Jenner is the most requested "lip look" for lip fillers. Here, we merge borders in an appearance that plastic surgeons like our very own, Dr.Kassir, have crafted for the hollywood and instagram stars. Dr.Kassir has performed thousands of lip fillers and non-surgical nose jobs to give you the most desired look in both Europe and US with out any fear of a "less than perfect" result.

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All signs indicate there being a parallel Hollywood effect in Europe as well, particularly within the U.K. "Where previously, every one was about slender lips and silhouettes, everyone now wants the fuller lip, a bigger bum," says London-based chicago plastic surgeon Tijion Esho, who cites Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington Whiteley as "lip idols," as would be the Kardashians.

Statistics, also, are more small, notably in France. Breasts that fit to a champagne glass consistently have been the best, and also a waifish form is precious within a voluptuous figure. "The average volume for implants at France will be 200 to 300 ccs [of silicone or saline]; in L.A. it's 300 to 400," says Lepage.

Though the French haven't earned a reputation through the years if you are small, when it comes to plastic surgery, they are favorably demure in contrast to Angelenos. "My patients in France live in anxiety about this Hollywood look," says Hollywood plastic surgeon Olivier Claude. "Sophie Marceau is in her 50s and seems wonderful -- no one knows what she'd done. Christophe Lepage, additionally a plastic surgeon based in Paris, adds, "A celebrity here [in France] wants to check her age but improved: Isabelle Huppert simply had a face lift and looks healthier and much more stimulating. Back in L.A., they would like to look younger. We think if your facelift shows, it is a tragedy."
Plus, at Hollywood, there is reduced placed on looking like a star, observes Zurich plastic surgeon Enrique Steiger: "European actresses wish to look like Audrey Tautou or Emma Watson; in L.A., they would like to appear more glamorous, like Angelina Jolie." While facelift methods are the same on both the continents, at L.A., "the strategy is more striking: America has some of their greatest surgeons technically, but they go further"
"Actresses below are very proactive, and also at the smallest sign [of aging] they get something done or they wont work or stay relevant," he states. "Nicole Kidman is 50, and that she wouldn't be to the cover of magazines when she did not have any such thing done."


Adds Parisian plastic surgeon Jean-Brice Duron: "The typical size of [breast feeding] prostheses in the U.S., in comparison to what we used in France, is nearly double."
As for kimkardashian West, her biggest European legacy could be supporting her : "Now, everybody is looking at non-surgical buttocks lifts, the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL" (from $1,380), says Esho, who adds that minismart li-po -- which melts fat working with a laser pole (from $6,900) -- is surging as the method of trim waists for that infamous hourglass figure: "Everyone wants a far more dramatic change between your cool and the bottom ratio."
As stated by Lepage, most French people in the entertainment industry decide for a less drastic thread-lift (out of $2,500) rather than a complete face lift, while Claude asserts that French women "think wrinkles could be cute and show saying, but in L.A., they despise wrinkles." Cosmetic chicago plastic surgeon Nelly Gauthier, with a clinic off the Champs-Elysees, states Plexr -- a fresh noninvasive treatment that uses infrared heating to lift the eyes (from $600) -- is gaining popularity more than subtle operation.
However, the tide appears to be turning according to Marina del Rey plastic surgeon Grant Stevens, who's functioned in France: "French ladies need a smaller breast shape, but Americans are moving in that way. I call it the French effect: This year, women are downsizing, together with implants removed."
Rather than implants, states Steiger, "HD contouring, where people carry small quantities of fat from several areas and inject it in to breasts or other locations, is actually a hot new thing and supplies a softer effect" (out of $12,000).

Esho blames social media marketing for driving this change: "Individuals are bringing modified images of these using Snap Chat or Instagram filters and saying, 'I need to look similar to that. '''

Esho says Meghan Markle already is really a key plasticsurgery mention in the U.K.: "Lots of people want nose shapes like her she is likely to become the newest princess, as well as how much bigger can you get than that? Individuals come deeply in love with her, as well as her being a new imperial, it investigates tendencies."

Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Brent Moelleken counters which the Hollywood emphasis on a young appearance is really a necessity, not just a luxury, which Europeans may regard as "over done" is only professional maintenance.

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