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Dr. Kassir is a triple board-certified surgeon and specializes in various hair transplant and hair restoration techniques in NJ. From FUE and FUT hair transplants to PRP hair loss treatment, there is a solution for people of all ages and concerns.

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About Hair Transplant

by Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Kassir Hair Transplant Insitute of New Jersey & New York
Dr.Kassir is rated as one of the top hair transplant surgeons in New York and New Jersey. Not only does Dr.Kassir perform hair transplants with cutting-edge techniques, he is also an instructor and frequency trainer for these strategies. Physicians from around the world have shadowed Dr.Kassir on his techniques for hair transplant, making him a top hair transplant surgeons in New Jersey and New York. Using only the newest robotic and surgical techniques, he has the ability to add the maximum number of grafts for the best results for each patient. Kassir Hair Transplant Insitute of New Jersey & New York is able to provide results for patients at every stage and age for balding due to Dr.Kassir's 22 years of experience. When considering the right hair transplant surgeon, know that experience and training are essential. We treat balding that is genetic, age-related, medical disease or treatment-related, or gender-specific. 

About Hair Transplant by Dr.Kassir

1. Dr.Kassir has performed hair transplants for 22 years
2. Dr.Kassir is an educator and frequently trains plastic surgeons on how to perform hair transplants
3. An FUE hair transplant does not leave a scar but a FUT hair transplant can have more grafts available
4. Kassir Plastic Surgery offers great financing options for hair transplant
5. Dr.Kassir is able to insert more grafts in a single procedure than many other plastic surgeons due to newer technology and experienced technique
6. Patients of Dr.Kassir recover quickly and are able to walk out with a cap on after surgery

As a patient, you can decide between the FUT(Strip) or FUE hair transplant.
Surgical Technique
In our FUT hair transplant, Dr.Kassir surgically removes a thin strip of skin from the back of the hair and individually removes units from this strip to insert into bald area of the head.
In our FUE hair transplant, Dr.Kassir removes single follicular units with a robot and inserts the unit back into bald patches on the head.
Pain Management
In our FUT hair transplant, Dr.Kassir may prescribe pain management medication along with our hair transplant post-op kit. While the scar heals, there may be mild discomfort until the stitches are removed.
Our FUE hair transplant does not have scarring or stitches, but the injury response to the small insertion wounds may have some scabbing that heals in 3-7 days.
FUE hair transplant is now reaching a similar cost to FUT due to the advances in robotic techniques. Kassir Plastic Surgery offers the newest robotic procedure for FUE hair transplant making it a quicker and more precise procedure than it was in the past. For FUT hair transplant, a 1mm scar or less remains in the back of the head for a few months if cared for with scar cream. Typically, this is not seen as hair grows over the area. Scabbing can occur in an FUE hair transplant due to the follicles being inserted.
Hair transplant pricing is based on the total number of grafts and is a case-per-case basis. Dr.Kassir is able to select the highest quality grafts and thus has a better yield in the overall growth of hair after the procedure. Having your hair transplant at Kassir Plastic Surgery can prevent the need for using PRP or having a second hair transplant after. Our great results are why Dr. Kassir is one of the top hair transplant surgeons in New Jersey and New York.
Kassir Hair Transplant Insitute of New Jersey & New York
Get the results you want the first time around. Hair Transplant cases at our institute are treated individually and a plan is made to maximize hair growth. From pre-care to after-care, we have novel strategies to ensure you get your old head of hair back. Book a consult now to get started.

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