Ski Slope Nose Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kassir is the top rhinoplasty in NYC and NJ. Having performed over 8,000 rhinoplasties, he is an expert in revising overdone "ski-slope" noses to restore a natural looking bridge. 

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About Ski Slope Nose Rhinoplasty

by Ramtin Kassir, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Learn More About Dr. Kassir

What is a Ski-Slope nose rhinoplasty?

A ski-slope nose can be caused by a rhinoplasty that was too aggressive or overdone. A precise amount of the dorsal hump should be reduced by a skillful cosmetic surgeon to produce optimal results. Ski-slope noses can also be genetic, in which the tip is drastically turned up. Rhinoplasty can be utilized to precisely reduce the bones and cartilages to create an aesthetic shape. 

To correct an-over resected ski-slope nose, Dr. Kassir can reshape the tip, rebuild the bridge, and create a straight, natural looking nose. For patients with a "scooped" looking nasal bridge, a graft can be taken from the ear cartilage to create a straighter bridge and restore the structure of the nasal bridge. The nasal tip is then reshaped so that it doesn't look overprojected or too turned upward. 


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